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Relatable Trek

Welcome! This blog is based on the many blogs full of relatable moments illustrated with pictures and gifs, only everything here is related to Star Trek. I'm starting off with one or two posts per day until I find more gifs unless I start receiving submissions. Feel free to submit stuff from ANY of the shows/movies. :)
I would also like to add that these images are NOT mine, so if you see something of yours and would like me to credit you, just let me know!
Aug 30 '14

When you get a really hard question on a test and you just kinda

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Aug 9 '14


The internet happened again.

Aug 9 '14

when you’re in the car with your friends and your jam comes on the radio

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Jul 29 '14
watching two people arguing on Facebook

watching two people arguing on Facebook

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Jul 10 '14


me gettin’ dressed in the morning

Jul 9 '14

before and after listening to Beyonce

(images from Trekcore, also happy birthday Linda Park!)

Jun 24 '14

When you go to show your friend something and you just

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Jun 10 '14


I honestly don’t think Spock has ever met a cat in his life.

Apr 11 '14

Hello everyone!

I’m sure you all have noticed my lack of posts recently, and I apologize for that. I’d like to say that as of now, I am going to be on a short hiatus until the end of spring semester. My last final exam is on Wednesday, May 7th, so I should be queuing posts again on the 8th. As much as I’d love to keep posting every day, my grades have to come first, and I’ll be honest, they need a lot of work. And I mean a LOT.

I’m also creating a tag for updates like this one and for other stuff that I’ll be posting on this blog in the future. Posts like this will be under the “captain’s log” tag. I’ll be putting up a link on the blog page when finals are over because for now it’s just going to be this one post.

Keep Trekking on without me, and good luck to anyone else who’s got finals between now and then!

Mar 11 '14
When you hear someone whisper something mean behind your back.

When you hear someone whisper something mean behind your back.